Laverne Cox slams 60 Minutes report focused on detransitioning: 'Dehumanising'

GLAAD furthermore called the show "dangerous" and "ridiculous"


Words: Jamie Tabberer; picture: Laverne Cox and 60 Minutes host Lesleu Stahl (Instagram/CBS)

Laverne Cox has publicly criticised a "dehumanising" 60 Minutes report about trans healthcare.

The report, hosted by correspondent Lesley Stahl, aired in the US on Sunday [23 May 2021], with Orange Is the New Black star Laverne addressing it on Instagram yesterday.

In the segment, Stahl explores a range of healthcare issues faced by trans people, with a particular focus on interviewees who have detransitioned. 

"It objectifies trans people "

Discussing the report, Laverne said: "I said in 2014 [...] when we focus on surgery and transition with and about trans people, it objectifies trans people and that is fundamentally dehumanising. I do not believe that has changed in 2021. What I witnessed in the 60 Minutes segment is that."

Stonewall research has shown that of the 3,398 trans patients who had appointments at an NHS Gender Identity Service in the UK between 2016 and 2017, less than one percent said in those appointments that they had experienced transitioned-related regret, or had detransitioned.

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"It's about our existence, about whether we get to exist in public space as our authentic selves," the 48-year-old added. "Seeing debates about that, the both sides thing [...], all of this conversation is fundamentally dehumanising. [It's] medicalising trans existence, and pathologising trans existence when you talk about us merely in the context of healthcare." 

In a caption, Promising Young Woman star Laverne added: "I just wanted to go live and share some of my thoughts on the @60minutes segment which aired last night about trans Healthcare. I also talk about cultivating trauma and shame resilience. This is basically a stream of conscious rant. lol."

GLAAD (Gay & Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation) also responded to the report, with a rep saying on Twitter: “The segment also wrongfully implied that trans YouTubers and online communities which affirm trans youth are somehow brainwashing kids and turning them trans. That is dangerous and at the same time ridiculous. Aren’t we past arguing that media can turn people gay or trans?”

The 60 Minutes special follows news last month of the state of Arkansas passing a bill prohibiting doctors from treating trans youth.