Landlord evicts gay man from his home because of her 'Christian values'

A man has been served with eviction papers because of his sexuality. Caleb Pheloung, from Vancouver , was asked to leave the room he was renting after his landlord discovered that he was a gay man. When she found out that he had brought his boyfriend over for the night, Pheloung claims he received numerous crazed messages saying things like:"If you guys are gay I cannot allow this to happen in my house". Due to her strong belief in God and her refusal to accept Pheloung's sexuality, the woman then proceeded to evict him on the grounds that his lifestyle doesn't fit with her "Christian values". To make things more shocking, he was unable to do anything about it because his landlord's reasoning for evicting him is completely legal. According to Queerty, Section 10 of the B.C. Human Rights Code states a person can’t deny tenancy to anyone based on their sex or sexual orientation, among other things. But a subsection says the rule doesn’t apply if the space is being shared. “This might be an example where the law and what people think would be right are not necessarily aligned,” Elizabeth Reid, an employment and human rights lawyer said. Pheloung has managed to put the ordeal behind him and find a new home, but he admitted that he hopes the outrage will lead to a change in the law that will protect future tenants from suffering a similar fate. “If something like this could impact change, that would be really awesome,” he said.