Lady Gaga vows to protect LGBT rights in Trump's America - WATCH

Lady Gaga reaffirmed her stance as a fierce LGBT ally last night, and vowed to continue fighting for the community as Trump prepares to become the next President. The 'Perfect Illusion' singer made the comments before taking to the stage for an intimate gig for 60 fans at Westfield, Shepherd's Bush. Speaking to press on the red carpet, she said, "What is very important to me is that the LGBT community in America knows that myself as well as all members that love the LGBTQ community are going to do everything we can to protect the social progress we have made over the last eight years." She added: "The truth is that political progress cannot happen unless there is social progress. You can create lots of jobs, you can create new policy, but those things cannot work unless people like each other." The singer's comments come just weeks after her recent protests outside Trump Tower in New York, where she held a sign reading ‘Love Trumps Hate’ in the wake of Trump's election victory. The singer had been a vocal supporter of Presidential candidate Hilary Clinton, having performed at her final political rally, and had previously accused incoming First Lady Melania Trump of "hypocrisy" for pledging to stand against bullying, despite her husband being, as Gaga described, "one of the most notorious bullies we have every witnessed." https://twitter.com/ladygaga/status/795344556908683264 Watch Gaga's red carpet speech in support of LGBT rights below: https://twitter.com/VictoriaLIVE/status/804642649777012737