Lady Bunny announces proud arrival of new digital Xmas comedy show What Child Is This?

Excl: The with-child drag icon is also dropping a new song, 'Santa's Spreadin' Covid Around'


(Words: Jamie Tabberer; photos: Just Toby)

Lady Bunny is, it seems, with child: she today announces a new digital holiday comedy show called What Child Is This?

Note: it's been nine months since the start of lockdown!

The star's special news coincides with the release of new song 'Santa's Spreadin' Covid Around'.

Watch the festive video for the track below.

WCIS, which will clock in at 45 minutes, promises 'naughty holiday parodies that put the X in Xmas'.

LB and co-writer Beryl Mendelbaum have re-worked an array of holiday faves for the festive extravaganza, including “Rudolpho The Uncut Reindeer” and a remake of Mariah Carey's “All I Want for Christmas (Is a Vaccine).”


"The perfect gift to horrify prudish relatives"

“It’s been a long, soul-sucking year and until a vaccine is available for all, laughter remains the best medicine,” comments Bunny. “The naughty What Child Is This? also makes the perfect gift to horrify prudish relatives with."

The drag icon's new project, taped in New York City at the legendary Stonewall Inn, will premiere on demand on Friday 4 December at 7pm on VossEvents.com.

It will be available for streaming through Monday 4 January.

Meanwhile, 'Santa's Spreadin' COVID Around' is available to download and stream on iTunes, Spotify and wherever music is sold.

Lady Bunny on her new track

"Move over, Mariah! Santa's Spreadin' COVID Around is 2020's holiday anthem. KIDDING! The song's my attempt to spread some holiday cheer instead of Coronavirus - as a very strange holiday season approaches. Of course, the song's premise is absurd, but there is a message of following health officials' precautions which I hope reads as more fun than preachy. In the US, we've actually managed to politicize a damn virus. I don't want people to die because of how they voted - I'd rather live in a healthy country. Hell, I made it through the AIDS epidemic by following precautions, so here's to all of us to seeing the other side of this mess!"

On the show

"Santa's Spreadin' COVID Around is a good example of the kind of material which featured in my online Christmas show. Except that most of the show is much dirtier! I'm also excited about the song's B side Joy & Happiness, which features London's Victoria Wilson-James (from Soul II Soul and more) as co-writer and phenomenal back-up vocalist."

On her 2020

"I rang in the New Year with the crazy Bianca Del Rio in London and Manchester, and had a blast at both. Then toured all over the UK, getting home right as the lockdowns hit. This is a tough time for performers and everyone in the club/events/theatre business. Like many, our paychecks stopped but our bills did not. I've done some online shows, but hams like me really miss audiences. When you're with a live crowd, you interact with the audience and it spurs you to ad lib or tease them. Taping shows straight to camera is very different, and not something I prefer. But I console myself by imagining that I'm a Broadway actress who has moved on to Hollywood. (I never said I wasn't delusional!) And just try to remember that there IS an audience, it's just inside that tiny hole of the camera lens - and they're behind the screens of their devices. You either adapt or you die!"

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