Katy Perry falsely accused of ripping off Drag Race stars for her new music video

Katy Perry has been hit with fake news AGAIN. The popstar has become somewhat of a target for trolls in recent weeks, and has twice been hit with reports that she’s been taking advantage of the gay community for her own gain – despite both reports turning out to be completely false. It’s happened again this week, with Drag star Vicky Vox making claims about the Firework singer on social media. Katy, who’s preparing to film a music video for Swish Swish, has been looking to get some famous drag queens to join her in the clip – but Vicky claimed yesterday that the star had asked the performers to take part for free. Vicky rushed to social media to slam Katy, and criticise her for apparently suggesting that the queens should be happy enough with the exposure. "You know what fuck this ... there's a pop star begging drag queens to do a music video for two days with no pay, they own costumes and all," she wrote. Awful if true right? Well, it’s not so you can all chill. Vicky took to Twitter today (July 14) to confirm that she was actually wrong about the entire situation, and she even claimed to reveal the real culprit. The drag performer told her followers in a series of tweets that Katy and her team HAD offered to pay the queens and had even said they would fly the performers to the location of the shoot. Shockingly, she then claimed that the false reports came from Drag Race star Valentina’s manager, before offering an apology to Katy. “Turns out they had money for the for the girls. They were even going to fly girls in. It was Jason King, Valentina's manager, lying,” wrote the performer. She added: “Thing is, it took me saying something to get the truth. I'm sorry it had anything to do with @katyperry”. Maybe it's time to leave Katy alone? The constant attempts to tear the woman down are getting so tired. Focus on someone who actually deserves it - @DonaldTrump.