Kathy Griffin says she's part of the "Gay Mafia"

Kathy Griffin has chatted about everything from Trump to her iconic reality show in a new interview. In an interview with PrideSource, the comedian joked about being a member of the "Gay Mafia" with her gay friends. The primary activities of the Gay Mafia appear to be watching TV and gossiping. "I just got a tweet from Jai Rodriguez, the original Queer Eye, saying ’overdue for a Kathy Griffin mafia night at her house,'” Griffin said. So who is in Griffin's Mafia? “Jai Rodriguez, Chris Colfer from Glee, Lance Bass and their plus-ones. They’ll all come over to my new house and we’ll sit in my fabulous screening room. And then we’ll watch Feud. But that’s just a typical night for me.” Now that's our kind of Mafia. Kathy tours all over the world with her stand-up show. She admitted that she felt the need to apologise on behalf of Americans for Donald Trump on a recent trip to Mexico: "I spent the whole day apologizing to the whole country; I just walked around stage saying, 'Lo siento (for) Señor Cheeto.'" On the topic of activism, which Griffin herself has been more engaged in since Trump's election, she called on LGBT+ people to lead by example: "The LGBT community is obviously used to being engaged, and now my call to action is to ask the LGBT community to help engage folks that have never been engaged before. "It's important that the LGBT community keep standing strong. And what we're gonna hear a lot of is, 'Well, you guys are single-agenda' - no, we're equality. Equality is for all." Kathy also asked LGBT+ people to seek inspiration from an unlikely source - Republicans. "Learn from the Republicans. They stick together no matter what," she said. "We can't be divided. We gotta all stay together. This is it. This is the big one." Away from politics, Kathy was asked about a possible return to her successful reality show My Life on the D-List, which ended its six season run in 2010. "I sort of would love to do something similar," she said, immediately piquing our interest. "I'd love to do, like, 'D-List to Legend,' where I'm trying to become a legend and I'm trying to surround myself with, I don't know, Sidney Poitier, Mick Jagger and Cher. Like, all right, maybe I'm not A-list, maybe I'm B, but it's time for me to become a legend." Legend? She already is one.