Judge Rinder talks Queer as Folk and coming out to his parents

Judge Robert Rinder is taking over TV with a gavel in his hand and dancing shoes on his feet - as his success on Strictly Come Dancing has shown. Speaking to Attitude  in our January issue - available to download now - the Strictly star recalls how his family reacted to the news that he was gay, and how much British television show Queer as Folk helped him in the process of coming out. "That show was massively culturally significant," he says. "Before that, when I was growing up there were no mainstream representations of normal gay sexuality - there were public events and scandals. "If you wanted to see two men kissing, it was a national moment on EastEnders and not an ordinary teenage drama, and that's obviously changed." Rinder came out in his early twenties - something he hasn't spoken about publicly before. At first his parents were worried about him. "Being gay was something that was deemed much more dangerous back then," he recalls. "But after those initial moments, I was met with nothing but complete acceptance and kindness and I'm extraordinarily lucky in that sense. I have amazing parents." You can read the full interview with Judge Rinder in Attitude's January issue, available to download now at pocketmags.com/attitude. It’s in shops from Wednesday (7 December), and print copies are available to order globally from newsstand.co.uk/attitude. att278_xtine_150 Words by Cristian Angeloni
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