Journalist Jonathan Morrell reveals being gay had cost him jobs

In an interview with the Newcastle Chronicle, former Pride Radio presenter Jonathan Morrell revealed that being gay had cost him jobs in the North East, where he was based for over 20 years. The 45-year-old’s remarks were part of a call to support the upcoming Pride festival in Newcastle. “The North East is no better or worse that anywhere else,” Morrell said. “There are people who have issues with homosexuality and those without.” morrell2 Since coming out at age 16, the veteran journalist has encountered his fair share of discrimination, both in and out of the newsroom. But he has also seen progress that he “never imagined would happen”. He told the Chronicle, “In my lifetime, things have come a long way – from the age of consent being 21 and schools being banned from talking about homosexuality in the 1980s, to protection in the workplace from discrimination and equality in marriage.” Morrell emigrated to Australia in 2011 with his partner Andrew and now works at local channel Seven News Perth. The couple, who have been together for 26 years, were married in March. Newcastle Pride, or Northern Pride, takes place on July 17th to 19th.