Jonathan Groff slams Madonna: "That bitch was on her phone"

We're guessing Madonna won't be making a cameo in the upcoming Looking telemovie, then. Actor Jonathan Groff has made his feelings about the Queen of Pop clear in a new interview with FourTwoNine Magazine, addressing reports that Madge used her phone while in the audience watching him in an off-Broadway play. NOH-groff-looking-HBO-IS The reports had stated that the producers of the off-Broadway hit Hamilton, which Groff was appearing in, barred Madonna from coming backstage to meet the cast after the show due to her rude behaviour. Was Groff disappointed, though, that he was denied an audience with Ms Ciccone herself? "No. Because that bitch was on her phone. You couldn’t miss it from the stage. It was a black void of the audience in front of us and her face there perfectly lit by the light of her iPhone through three-quarters of the show." Calling Madonna a bitch? Oooh, you in danger, Jonathan. Groff also opens up in the interview about the fact that his conservative, deeply religious parents have never watched an episode of HBO cult gay drama Looking in which he plays lovelorn Patrick: "They didn’t watch the first season. After I shot the second season and before it aired, I was home for the holidays, and I said to them that the project meant so much to me, that I felt like they should watch. They said they just didn’t want to watch me having sex. So then I go back to New York, and the second season is airing, and I get a call from my dad. He tells me that he was flipping through the channels and sees that Looking is on, and he remembered our conversation about how much it would mean to me if he watched. 'So I started watching,' he says. “And there you are in bed with some guy, and he reaches over to get a condom, and I just couldn’t watch it.” My dad literally tuned in to Looking to the most graphic scene I did in the whole series, in which I’m fucking Russell’s character in episode 3 of season 2." It's not the most parent-friendly show - Jonathan's Looking co-star Daniel Franzese recently wrote for Attitude about coming to terms with the fact his own father won't watch the program.