John Barrowman says other TV competitive shows with couples should 'get with the times'

The actor and singer will be judging this year's 'Dancing on Ice'


John Barrowman says other competitive shows with couples on TV should ‘get with the times’.

The actor and singer is set to make his debut as a judge on the new series of Dancing on Ice – which will make history by having two male dancers competing with each other.

Steps star Ian ‘H’ Watkins and Matt Evers will take to the ice when the show returns on January 5, marking the first time the show will feature a same-sex dance couple.

For years, fans have called for same-sex couples to be introduced in a number of other competitive shows, most notably Strictly Come Dancing which still sticks to the traditional male/female format.

And now, Barrowman has hit back at TV shows saying they should be ‘reflective of how we live our lives’.

Speaking to OK! Online, Barrowman said: “It’s about time and we should have two women skating together, two men skating together and men and women skating together.

“It should be reflective of how we live our lives.

“We are a same sex couple so we want to be represented on television.

"I implore and say to all the other competitive shows on TV that have couples involved, you know who I’m talking about - get with the times, get with the programme don’t worry about people being upset about these things.

“If they don’t like it you should have the big enough cajones to change turn the channel and don’t watch.

“If you don’t like to switch it off. Everyone should be representing who the people are.”

Dancing on Ice returns this Sunday (January 5).