Joe Biden says there at "at least three" genders in resurfaced video

"Big grandpa vibes tbh" said one commentator.


Words: Jamie Tabberer; picture: Wiki

Joe Biden said there "at least three" genders in a resurfaced video clip from the presidential primary.

The President-elect, who will be inaugurated on Wednesday 20 January, made the comments at the Iowa State Fair in August 2019.

His remarks made news at the time, and are now being discussed anew on social media.

"Don't play games with me kid"

In the clip, an unseen woman asks the Democrat: "Mr. Vice President, I'm a student here - how many genders are there?"

To this, Biden replies: "There are at least three."

When asked "what are they?" Biden says: "Don't play games with me kid."

He then adds: "By the way, the first one to come out for marriage [equality] was me."

The video was originally posted by Charlie Kirk, founder of far-right organization Turning Point USA, who alleged in an accompanying tweet: "Watch former Vice President Biden forcefully grab one of our young field staffers at yesterday’s Iowa State Fair after she asked him how many genders there are."

The girl later identifies herself in the video as "Katie" and says: "I was very, very mad someone would treat me like that."

It is not possible to tell whether Biden grabs the girl from looking at the video.

"I'd argue that it's the best possible answer"

Reacting to the clip 17 months later, one Twitter user said: "Joe Biden answering 'At least 3' when [the activist] posing as a journalist asked him how many genders are there was unironically a better answer than most politicians would give to that question."

The tweet has amassed 186k likes and counting since yesterday.

Another replied: "Biden says dumb things a lot but in his heart he's trying to be nice and accepting. Big grandpa vibes tbh."

Said a third: "I’d argue that it’s the best answer possible; people are creating new genders for themselves all the time & deserve to be called whatever gender they want to identify as.

"Male, Female & literally any other gender makes 'at least 3'".

After beating current president and Republican leader Donald Trump in the polls in November 2020, Biden's presidential victory speech became the first to mention trans people.

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