JK Rowling's amazing response to the Westboro Baptist Church

The Westboro Baptist Church (WBC) are having a busy week of it aren't they? The anti-gay hate group took a break from inadvertently damning the entire population of the Ivory Coast to hell after equal marriage was passed in Ireland to take aim at Harry Potter yesterday, incurring the wrath of JK Rowling in the process. It all started when Rowling joked on Twitter that following the Irish referendum result, iconic wizards Dumbledore and Gandalf could get married there. pictweet Naturally, the WBC were on the case, immediately threatening to boycott the hypothetical wedding ceremony of two fictional characters... To which Rowling responded in her always awesome, no-holds-barred style, proving once again that her Twitter game is STRONG: And when a user asked whether she should even bother gracing the Topeka, Kansas-based cult with a response, she had an uplifting message about what tackling their opinions head on means for gay youth witnessing the exchange. JK, you never fail to make us smile. But the Casual Vacancy author isn't the only member of the Hogwarts family who's been vocal about challenging hate speech this week though - read this Harry Potter star's brilliant open letter to the homophobic trolls who litter her social media accounts. More stories: The day Matthew Lewis broke the internet… Watch: Model maths teacher Pietro Boselli's Attitude shoot