Jeffrey Bowyer-Chapman is given a fright in new LGBTQ+ horror film

The ‘Canada’s Drag Race’ star meets some not-so-nice neighbours in the trailer for ‘Spiral’…


Jeffrey Bowyer-Chapman receives a far from warm welcome from his neighbours in LGBTQ+ horror film, Spiral.

Guaranteed to give you the heebie-jeebies, the psychological thriller follows partners Malik, played by Bowyer-Chapman, and Aaron (Ari Cohen) and their daughter Kayla (Jennifer Laporte) as they settle into a picturesque new town.

Of course, appearances are deceiving, and it transpires that the residents aren’t so happy about the “fresh faces” who have moved into their neighbourhood.

In the trailer, events take a sinister turn when Malik discovers that the community have a soft spot for sacrificing same-sex couples – Erinsborough, this is not!

Although the Canadian actor completed filming two years ago, he believes the movie is incredibly timely.

“It’s not only social relevant in terms of what’s going on in the world in terms of the Black Lives Matter movement, and police brutality against Black bodies, but the level of awareness from the Caucasian population of the world at large,” Bowyer-Chapman, 35, told Hollywood Reporter.

“A film about a person who really does live at the intersections of otherness, who is Black and queer, who is in a relationship with a white partner, who’s surrounded by white people in all of his experiences, and being gaslit, facing implicit biases and blatant or subtle acts of racism that occur on a daily basis

“And when he tries to bring those forward, they’re constantly dismissed and minimized. I think that this story is being told now, and the world gets to see it now, people are going to get it in a way that they couldn’t have six months ago,” he adds.

Bowyer-Chapman recently deactivated his Twitter account after being harassed by 'Drag Race' fans for his tough judging style – the show’s producers responded and said “there was no place for hate.”

Spiral is released on Shudder on 17 September