'It: Chapter Two' star Taylor Frey on helping gay men find egg donors to start their families

The actor stars in the new adaptation of Stephen King's bestselling novel - out now


Words: Steve Brown

It: Chapter Two star Taylor Frey admits the IVF process made him sad but he is helping other gay men start the family they long for.

The actor is hoping to start his own family with his husband - musical theatre actor and Nashville star Kyle Dean Massey – and although they have an ‘upcoming pregnancy’ nothing is set in stone yet.

While speaking to Attitude’s September Style issue – available to order globally and download to any device now – Taylor admitted the IVF process made him sad because of the way the women were being presented.

He says: “When we started going through the egg-donor programmes online that help couples such as us, we felt they were sub par.

“As a gay man, I was looking to be as attracted to a woman as I could be, you know, almost like the same ignition I feel towards Kyle.

“I wanted to admire her and feel excited for her to be the genetic mother of our kids. That was difficult to come by: agencies would shoot us selfies from donors that were filtered or had the Snapchat dog ears.

“I’m sure they were wonderful women but the way they were being presented made me sad about the process.

“When we did find a donor who we were excited about, she disappeared into thin air and we ended up losing money. I just remember thinking, “I can do this better,” so I launched my agency, Elevate.”

Since starting his agency, the actor – who is starring in the latest instalment of Stephen King’s bestselling novel – has had more than 100 pregnancies in the first eight months.

He adds: “In our first eight months, we had 100 pregnancies, and I would say probably 65 per cent of our clients are either single gay dads or gay couples.

“It’s funny, our gay clients come to us with excitement about finding a donor; they want to find their queen to praise and worship.

“They’re picky, which creates its own set of challenges, but whatever they’re looking for, we’re here to help them find it.”

In his latest role in Andy Muschietti’s It: Chapter Two – which hits UK cinemas today (September 6) - Taylor features in a homophobic hate crime which was inspired by a true event. Read our review of It: Chapter Two here.

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