'It Chapter 2' star Finn Wolfhard says THAT character's sexuality reveal 'totally made sense'

!!Spoilers Ahead!!


Words: Steve Brown

Finn Wolfhard has said it 'totally made sense' for Richie to be gay in It Chapter 2.

The highly anticipated sequel came out earlier this month to rave reviews and shock tatics including an horrendous homophobic hate crime at the very start of the film.

During the film, it's implied that one of the Loser Club is hiding a big secret. He is gay but is still in the closet at the age of 40.

When they return to Derry, Maine, as adults to fight against Pennywise the Dancing Clown once more, it's heavily implied that Richie - played by Bill Hader - has feelings for another member of the group, Eddy.

Despite the film opening with a homophobic hate crime and the character not being gay in Stephen King's original novel, Richie never says he is gay but instead he carves his initials and Eddy's together as he is leaving Derry following the death of his friend.

And now, Finn Wolfhard - who plays the younger Richie in both films - has said making the character gay 'totally made sense'.

While speaking to The Hollywood Reporter, Wolfhard said: "I thought it totally made sense. In the first movie, he has the clown scene, but there’s something more than that that’s deep inside.

"He’s still in the closet when he’s 40, and once they finally defeat Pennywise, the fear goes away. You’re finally comfortable with who you are."

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