Israel Folau has had his Land Rover seized following his homophobic comments

The Australian rugby star lost his sponsored car just weeks after making the comments


Israel Folau’s car has been taken away after his homophobic comments.

The highest paid Australian rugby player hit headlines after writing on Instagram that all gay people will go to Hell unless they repent their sins to God.

But despite walking away without any punishment, the Wallabies player has defended his comments and now he has taken to Twitter to post a video from the late US evangelist David Wilkerson.

In the video, it calls for sinners to repent and refers to sexual perversions and references gay people a number of times.

However, his comments have caused many rugby stars and celebrities alike to criticise him and now it appears Land Rover have stepped in.

Folau has now reportedly lost his sponsored car following his comments after Land Rover – Rugby Australia’s new car sponsor – had given him a vehicle.

Now the Daily Telegraph claim the car company seized it a week after making his Instagram comments citing his views don’t align with the company.

This marks the first financial loss that Folau has had following the homophobic comments but despite Land Rover seizing his car, the rugby star does have his own Lamborghini he bought last year.