Israel Folau claims God told him to post his homophobic Instagram posts

The devout Christian also said he refused to smooth things over with Rugby Australia but said it was 'Satan's work'


Words: Steve Brown

Israel Folau has said God told him to post his latest homophobic Instagram post.

Last month, the Australian rugby player posted an image on the social media site which said all gay people with go to Hell.

Although this is not the first homophobic post by the Wallabies player, he faced international backlash and was suspended by Rugby Australia.

But now, the Sydney Morning Herald report that during a disciplinary hearing, the devout Christian defended his post and said: “God spoke to me”

While speaking at his church congregation on Sunday (May 12), Folau revealed he has resisted a number of chances to smooth things over with Rugby Australia because he claimed it was ‘Satan’s work’.

He said: "There have been many opportunities to potentially make the situation a little bit easier.

“I could go back and play the game, get everything back to the way it used to be.

"The way Satan works is he offers you stuff that could look good to the eye and makes you feel comfortable, and if you follow that path all the worries and troubles will go away.

“[But] it is always the will of God that comes first."

Last week, Folau was found guilty of a high-level breach of Rugby Australia’s code of conduct.

But during the tribunal, Folau said he was willing to admit to a low-level breach because, although saying he was motivated by love, he understands how his posts hurt the game and some of its fans and players.