Ireland plans to hand out prison sentences for anyone organising gay conversion therapy

The bill has passed stage two of legislation and has been welcomed by Senator Fintan Warfield


Ireland are planning to dish out prison sentences to anyone organising “gay conversion therapy” as new bill passes stage two.

The new bill aims to make the practice of performing the therapy illegal across Ireland and is reportedly set to carry fines and prison sentences for anyone caught providing the “service”.

Senator Fintan Warfield told “There is an important international dimension to this, which sends solidarity to Brazil and elsewhere, where this practice is ongoing.

“Ireland can be a beacon of hope for oppressed people everywhere.

“This would be the most, the most comprehensive prohibition of conversion therapies in the world.

“It prohibits any person from offering or giving conversion therapy to another person.

“It also prohibits moving someone out of the state, a young person most likely, for the purposes of conversion therapy.

“Whether it remains untouched as it goes through the stages, it remains to be seen.”