Iranian cleric says COVID-19 vaccine turns people gay

Homosexuality is punishable by a range of sentences including death in Iran.


Words: Jamie Tabberer; picture: YouTube

A homophobic Iranian regime cleric from Qom has claimed COVID-19 vaccines turn people gay.

Ayatollah Abbas Tabrizian recently issued the claim on the social network Telegram, according to reports. He is said to have around 210,000 fans on the platform.

His absurd comments follow similar ones from ultra-orthodox rabbi Daniel Asor last month, who said the jab can cause “opposite tendencies.”

“Don’t go near those who have had the COVID vaccine”

According to the Jerusalem Post, radical Islamist Tabrizian told followers: “Don’t go near those who have had the COVID vaccine. They have become homosexuals.”

Iranian dissident Sheina Vojoudi told the publication: “Like other clerics in the regime, also Tabrizian relates all the shortages [shortcomings] to sexuality.”

Vojoudi, who has fled the Islamic Republic of Iran, added: “The clerics in Iran are suffering from lack of knowledge and humanity.

“Actually, his goal of spreading nonsense is to try to scare people [out] of getting vaccinated, while the leader of the regime and other officials got Pfizer, and they don’t provide it for the people with the excuse that they don’t trust the West.”

Homosexual acts are illegal in Iran under the Islamic Penal Code of Iran and punishable by sentences ranging from 31 lashes (for homosexual acts other than anal sex or thigh sex) to 100 lashes to death, according to Human Rights Watch.