Interview | The Gaubert twins celebrate one year of myGwork LGBT recruitment

myGwork, the online recruitment and networking hub for LGBTI professionals, graduates and organisations has grown rapidly in its first year. From an initial 50 members in April 2015, it now counts over 5,000 registered users. Hundreds of companies have trusted the platform to showcase the good work they do to support their LGBTI staff, assist them with attracting diverse candidates and gain opportunities to learn from other organisations. Adrien and Pierre, myGwork’s co-founders take this opportunity to open up on this journey towards more diversity and inclusion for LGBT professionals. What have been the biggest challenges for myGwork? Pierre: There were two big challenges for myGwork. The first was to attract candidates, but thanks to brilliant press coverage we have seen thousands of LGBTI professionals and graduates register to the site and start networking. The second challenge was to partner with companies. The first six months were quite hard considering that the platform was new. We needed to build trust and prove that we would be here beyond a year. Well, here we are! What have been the best times for you this year? Adrien: The best moment of the year was certainly when we won the first ever Attitude Magazine and Virgin Holiday Award for Young LGBT Entrepreneur of the Year. This fantastic recognition motivates us even more to continue working hard to deliver the best experience to our members and partners. gaubert twins attitude awards How does myGwork benefit the LGBTI community? Adrien: myGwork is highly beneficial to LGBTI people because it is a positive platform. Our goal is not to victimize ourselves but to create a strong online LGBTI community that understands the power of networking and tackles the issue of coming out in the workplace. Through role models and mentoring, myGwork makes sure the next generation of LGBT leaders is on its way. How do you think myGwork is helping your members in their search for employment? Adrien: Members can search for jobs on the platform and find employment in organisations that proactively search for LGBTI talent. Sometimes in industries they would not have considered. We currently have more than 80 recruiters on the platform seeking to add diversity to their clients’ organisations. Pierre: myGwork eases the networking process by encouraging people to become mentors and for others to be mentored. There is no other online platform where one can find experienced professionals who are ready to help the younger generation to this extent, sharing their personal details such as email or phone number to allow direct contact by other professionals or graduates. GAUBERT TWINS HIGH RES What is the next step for myGwork? Adrien: myGwork has been mainly focused on helping UK-based organisations, as it is a good way to anchor the platform. However, we have members from all over the world. The next step will naturally be to partner with more organisations worldwide and offer the best employment opportunities to everyone. Pierre: myGwork also organises more in-person events at the site of their corporate partners, such as breakfast events where diversity professionals within a particular industry can exchange thoughts on LGBT issues and develop recruitment strategies. Take the next step towards furthering your career at More stories Getting the most from mentoring with myGwork Men at Work: What's your leadership style - Mariah or Adele?