Instagram now lets you add pronouns to your profile - here's why you should

The easy-to-use feature helps create a more gender-inclusive environment.


Words by Alastair James; picture: Pexels

Instagram has announced that users can now add their pronouns to their profiles.

The Facebook-owned social media platform made the announcement on its Twitter page, saying the field was available in a few countries at the moment with plans for more. 

So far users can add up to four pronouns such as "he", "him", "she", "her", "they" and "them", which will appear next to their name in the profile page.

Users also have the option to choose whether the pronouns are visible to everyone or just their followers. The announcement was welcomed by some including Drag Race UK alum Cheryl Hole, who tweeted that she'd updated hers.

"That’s cool!"

However, some people are calling for more options such as "it" or "it's".

One person said: "hey that’s cool! but could you please add a neopronoun feature??? also maybe add “any pronouns” and it/it’s prounouns?? thanks!!"

People are now calling on other social media platforms to follow Instagram and put similar options in place. 

For cisgender people, listing your pronouns on social media or in email signatures is an easy way to show solidarity with trans and non-binary people, helping to normalise a culture in which a person's gender is not automatically assumed.

Sharing your pronouns upfront helps to destigmatise an action that many trans and non-binary people feel compelled to do in order to be correctly gendered, and signals that you're respectful of how others identify.