Indian censors cut crucial scenes from award winning film 'Moonlight'

Barry Jenkins' award winning coming-of-age drama Moonlight has managed to scoop award after award. Sadly, the film, which documents the life of a young, black gay kid growing up in an down-and-out part of Miami, has been dramatically censored in India. According to Gay Star News, India's Central Board of Film Certification made huge cuts in the film, including some of the most crucial scenes. Cut from the film are two pivotal parts, the beach scene involving friends Chiron and Kevin which ends in a sexual encounter and a brief scene featuring Kevin having sex with a woman. An unnamed source told news site India's DNA that vital parts of the film had been cut which may leave audience members confused. "The censor board has ordered the entire hand-job to go. We only hear the protagonist say he is 'sorry' for what happened. Indian audiences will not get what he's feeling sorry for." The censors also removed all profanity from the film, heavily impacting the first act of the film. Homosexuality remains illegal in India, though there is a growing support for decriminalization. Moonlight has stormed the box office, earning eight Oscar Nominations including 'Best Picture' and also won the Golden Globe for 'Best Picture.' You can read our review of the acclaimed drama along with our exclusive feature on the film in Attitude’s February issue, available to download and in shops now. Mores stories: Who wants a sneak peek at ‘I’m a Celeb’ star Joel Dommett’s Attitude shoot? Single & Fabulous? | How a decade of dating taught me to be my own Valentine