Ice Bucket Challenge round-up #1: Bieber, Bomer, Drake

Over the last few days, you may have noticed that a lot of famous people on your social media timelines are chucking buckets of icy water over themselves. Don't panic, the world hasn't gone mad - they're just undertaking the "Ice Bucket Challenge". The idea is that people nominated to take the challenge have to donate money to the ALS Association, an American charity which helps people suffering from Lou Gehrig's disease, or face the dreaded bucket of ice water. However, many celebrities are simply undertaking the challenge for fun, and then donating anyway. Of course, many attractive male celebs are taking part, with their shirts both on and off. Here are some of our current favourites, and we'll keep you updated as more roll in! Justin Bieber Drake Matt Bomer The beautiful cast of Grey's Anatomy Watch more Ice Bucket Challenge videos below: > Picture Special: The Vamps take on the ice bucket challenge > Watch Ansel Engort take on the ice bucket challenge