Ian McKellen on Sadiq Khan: he represents a new England

Sadiq Khan was elected mayor on Friday (May 7) and, during his signing-in ceremony at Southwark Cathedral, Ian McKellen made an appearance and congratulated him. Star of The Lord of the Rings and X-Men movie franchises, Sir Ian McKellen has said that Sadiq Khan will represent a new England. Speaking to The Guardian, Ian McKellen said, "To have a Muslim mayor seems preferable to me to any alternative regardless of the politics." "I hope it's an image that will go round the world as representing a new sort of England that's at peace with itself regardless of race and so on. That's the beauty of it." But McKellen added that he was disappointed with the negativity of Zac Goldsmith's campaign. McKellen said: "I didn't follow it but I'm distressed that it seems to be so negative. Anyway, the outcome was resounding." More stories: Watch | Gay hacks to improve your sex life Meet the stereotype-smashing men of Africa’s first gay rugby club