Husbands refused entry into beach party because they weren't in a heterosexual couple

The bouncer allegedly said a couple is made with a man and woman


A couple were refused entry to a beach party because they weren't in a relationship with women.

Giuseppe Pitirollo, 37, and his husband Daniele Bausilio, 28, were out for dinner with another couple when they decided to go to a party organised at Lido Turistico Beach Park.

However, when they arrived and tried to get in, the bouncer turned them claiming the event was only for couples despite Giuseppe and Daniele having a same-sex civil union last year.

Giuseppe told Gay Star News: “We were close by and heard the music coming from the venue, so we tried to get in.

“The guy at the door told us we couldn’t as we were not with women and the event was couples-only.”

After telling the bouncer they were in a civil union, the bouncer allegedly said a couple is made with a “man and woman”.

Giuseppe added: “The bouncer replied a couple is only made by a woman and a man.”

After protesting, the owner of the venue told them they couldn’t enter because they were too drunk.

‘They asked exclusively for our IDs. We wanted to take the alcohol test to prove we were far from being drunk, but they refused,’ Giuseppe continued.

“We felt humiliated. They diminished us in front of other people. Seeing our rights being denied in such a blatant way was just shameful.”

Although the venue discriminated against them, the owner Luciano Santini defended the bar and said the reserve the right to refuse anyone.

They wrote on Facebook: “Some exploit their sexual orientation to blame other people. We’re respectful of every choice, but we reserve the right to refuse anyone entry if they’re not in line with our policy of kindness and respect to others.”