Hot Dudes Reading delivers brains and brawn

Another day, another Instagram account that is going to make your life that much better. If you've had enough of Hot Dudes with Dogs (we know you haven't), we've found an Instagram account that's a bit less furry, but just as hot for you to obsess over. Hot Dudes Reading is fairly self-explanatory - just a bunch of pictures of hot guys boning up on the latest literature. Whether on public transport or just chilling at a café, these candid shots capture attractive men showing us how smart they are. Get you a man who can do both, as they say. After all, reading is fundamental. Take a look at some of the best pictures below: Does looking at your phone count as reading? It does when you're this hot:
Some guys have been spotted on the tube:

Popped across the pond to see the sights, and boy did London deliver. I found this prince reading "Sleep Smarter," and all I can think about is offering to be his personal body pillow. Ditch the book 'ol chap, I'll show you all the best methods to tire yourself out before bed and wake up in a great mood. #CantWaitToSeeHisBigBen #cheerio-o-o #hotdudesreading #hdrfangram

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While others have taken to the beach:
Well hello there:

It’s not uncommon to see models roaming the streets of NYC, but it is abnormal to catch one this hot so lost in a book. That thick hair and gorgeous skin - I think I’ll follow him to his next shoot. Who knows, maybe they’ll need an extra and I know all my best angles. #lowlight #fromadistance #backitup #keepgoing #hotdudesreading

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We only want to know what he's reading:
Reading does not require a shirt, ever:

Oh hawt damn, THIS is my jam. Just when I thought the city couldn't get any hotter, I see this strapping, shirtless gentlemen just strolling around Williamsburg. If I have global warming to thank for this, then call me a toucan cuz it ain't hot enough. #IWillPayForThisMeat #hotdudesreading

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Please don't catch us staring:
Form a queue:
Is this seat taken?
He might be focused on the book, but we're fixated on his muscles:
It's never a bad time for flannel:
We're deep in thought too:
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