Hot debate: Versace Chaps!

030__CSC0289Call her a genius, or call her crazy, Donatella knows how to get everyone talking. For Versace Autumn Winter, she sent (very muscly) men in chaps down the runway as part of her cowboy-themed collection. As we love to get your opinion on these things, we took to Twitter to see what you made of these bad boys. Here are a few of our favourite tweets from you guys. Joan Rivers and Kelly O, watch your backs, Attitude Fashion Police have got their claws out.... @Huw_cook Throw out the Vaseline it’s time for the lips to get chapped! @strutcakes Would go down a treat at XXL on a Saturday night! @stefanpaetow My eyes! My eyes!! What was Donatella thinking! Arghhhhh! @GiveJoshMORE Perfect for recreating the Dirrty video. @imWriteAboutYou I think at a certain point we should admit that we design these things just to shove pretty men in them. Naturally I’m for it. @javizun Perfect for S&M, but that’s it. Tacky. @chgough Might get more than you bargained for in a crush on the tube! @misterknight I was drawn to his undies and forgot the question. It’s objectification; stop it, it’s dirty! But I like it! 029__CSC0283