Homophobic radio host claims the LGBT community stole the rainbow flag from God

A homophobic radio host has demanded that the LGBT community "give back" the rainbow flag. Just days after the creator of the flag, Gilbert Baker, passed away, Bryan Fischer took to social media to label what he called the "worse example of cultural appropriation ever". In a scathing rant on Twitter, the radio host outrageously claimed that the LGBT community have stolen the iconic rainbow flag from God. "Worst example of cultural appropriation ever: LGBTs stole the rainbow from God. It's his. He invented it. Gen. 9:11-17. Give it back." But Bryan didn't get the reaction he was hoping for, and instead Twitter hit back with a torrent of sassy responses to his ridiculous claim. Bryan works for The American Family Association (AFA), who "promote traditional values" in the American media. Much of that work includes "combating the homosexual agenda" through any means possible, including boycotting companies who have pro-gay policies. More stories: ‘Cucumber’ creator Russell T Davies reveals why he thinks the show lost so many viewers Kylie Minogue refused to cut gay kisses from ‘All the Lovers’ music video, director reveals