Homophobes launch petition to stop Elsa from being a lesbian in 'Frozen 2'

The petition accuses Disney of 'conforming' its children's programming to the 'LGBT agenda'


Homophobes have launched a petition to stop Elsa from being lesbian in Frozen 2.

The Life petition, which was launched earlier this month, aims to stop Disney from making the iconic character a lesbian in the upcoming sequel. 

A description on the petition accuses Disney of "steadily conforming" its children's programming to the LGBT agenda and claims the original film was "hailed by liberal commentators for its subtly pro-gay themes". 

The petition claimed that "LGBT activists are working hard to make Elsa its first LGBT children's hero" and stated that "young girls already face confusing and troubling messages about sexuality".

The petition calls on people who "cherish traditional family values to unite and tell Disney not to give in to a tiny pressure group of radical activists".

It's already surpassed its initial goal of 10,000 signatures and offers users the option to mail a physical postcard to Disney with the message: "Your films' message influence millions of young girls around the world.

"We urge you to protect the innocence of little girls rather than introducing them to lesbianism and the over-sex LGBT cause. Please pair Elsa with a prince in Frozen 2, or don't create a partner for her at all. Parents don't want this forced on their kids."

The petition comes after Frozen's co-director Jennifer Lee addressed Elsa's sexuality and revealed she's enjoying the discussion.