Homophobe spray paints anti-gay slur on LGBT employee's office

Openly gay Pastoral Associate Aaron Bianco is often the victim of hate crime at the church


A homophobe broke into a church and spray painted an anti-gay slur on an LGBT employee’s office.

The LGBT+ friendly church, St John The Evangelist Catholic Church in San Diego, has been targeted three times by homophobes and the openly gay Pastoral Associate, Aaron Bianco, is often the one who is the victim.

Bianco keeps a record of all the hate mail he receives but the homophobes took a step forward after breaking into the church and spray-painting hate slurs on his office wall.

He told NBC San Diego: “I had to step back and kind of get my breath. Just the thought that people are so hateful today.

“Jesus was always welcoming and even if you believe someone is sinful. Jesus was still sitting with them, eating with them and having a conversation with them.

“There was never hate involved.”

He did consider quitting his job but decided not to let the hate win.