Hillary Clinton unveils extensive LGBT agenda for potential presidency

Just days after Ricky Martin urged the LGBT community to back her campaign, Hillary Clinton has published a detailed document outlining the LGBT agenda she would pursue as President of the United States - which includes plans to ban gay 'conversion' therapy for children, extend the use of PrEP, and help transgender military personnel to serve openly. 11014746_926900844033112_3050029085670892984_n In a statement, the former Secretary of State acknowledged "the hard work of generations of LGBT advocates and activists" whose fight led to the landmark victory passed earlier this year when the Supreme Court recognised the rights of gay couples to marry. However, she adds that "our work to reach the promise of full equality remains unfinished," and sets out a thorough six point plan detailing the goals she will commit to as president. Hillary Clinton promises to:
  1. Fight for full federal equality for LGBT Americans - This crucial main area includes passing the Equality Act to add gender identity and sexual orientation to the list of protected classes, alongside race, sex, national origin and religion.
  2. Support LGBT youth, parents, and elders - This includes the banning of conversion therapy for minors, an end to discrimination against LGBT families in adoptions, and a commitment to tackling homelessness in youth, and housing difficulties in old age.
  3. Honor the military service of LGBT people - Here, Clinton will support efforts to allow transgender military personnel to serve openly, and will upgrade service records of LGBT veterans dismissed due to their sexual orientation. This is particularly notable, as it was the previous President Clinton who introduced the military's 'Don't Ask Don't Tell' policy.
  4. Secure affordable treatment for people living with HIV and AIDS - Clinton wants Medicaid to provide necessary health care to people living with HIV, and for an expansion in the utilization of PrEP.
  5. Protect transgender rights - As Secretary of State, Clinton made it easier for transgender individuals to update their passports, and here she commits to doing this across all identity documents, as well as addressing the national rise in violence against transgender women.
  6. Promote human rights of LGBT people around the world - Clinton pledges an increased $50 million to the Global Equality Fund which she launched, to support the millions of people whose sexuality places their lives in danger around the globe.
Some remain cynical about Clinton's commitment to LGBT issues, considering she opposed same-sex marriage up until her first run for the presidency in 2008, but she has been a fervent supporter of all rainbow related causes since then; most notably, she delivered one of the most powerful pieces of pro-gay oratory when she addressed the United Nations on the issue in 2011. The 68-year-old former First Lady also unveiled a new video this week, summarising some of her key statements about LGBT rights from the campaign, and indeed from throughout her career in public service. It features Jared Milrad and Nate Johnson – the gay couple featured in the announcement video for her campaign, who we spoke to back in May. Starting in January, members of both the Democratic and Republican parties will vote in individual states for their preferred candidates, with the successful nominees being appointed in the summer time. The chosen pair will face each other in the presidential election on 8 November 2016. Recent polls show Clinton leading all her Democratic rivals, including her nearest competitor Bernie Sanders, who she leads - on average - with 55% of the party's support, compared to his 31%. The chances of her ultimately facing Donald Trump as her Republican rival remain high, as despite the continued controversy surrounding his campaign, he maintains more support than any of his candidates. He is currently claiming roughly 33% of the party's support, safely ahead of Ted Cruz on 16%. More stories: Watch | Broadway's Nick Adams dons nothing but a sock for 'I'm a Slave 4 Santa' performance 26-year-old man jailed for 11 years over involvement in gay sex slavery ring