High Court judge rules a permanent ban on anti-LGBTQ protests outside Birmingham primary school

Anderton Park Primary School has faced ongoing protests for teaching LGBTQ-inclusive lessons


Words: Steve Brown

A high court judge has ruled a permanent ban on parents protesting against LGBTQ inclusive lessons outside a primary school in Birmingham.

Anderton Park Primary School has faced ongoing protests from parents after it was revealed the school was teaching LGBTQ inclusive lessons.

Protestors – who were mainly Muslim – were videoed chanting homophobic slurs and pelting allies and activists with eggs.

Back in June, an exclusion zone to stop the protests was implement following safety fears about the large groups of people turning up who had no connection to the school – including Shakeel Afsar who has no children at the school.

Birmingham City Council requested a court order to protect the school and today (November 26), High Court judge Justice Warby ruled in favour of the school, Sky News reported.

Following a five-day hearing, Warby ruled that the protestors had ‘misunderstood and misrepresented what is being taught at the school’ and that no lessons featured sex education and were not ‘promoting homosexuality’.

Birmingham City Council and trade union NAHT welcomed the ruling and general secretary of NAHT, Paul Whiteman, said: "These protests have been widely and rightly condemned and they should now be brought to an end with immediate effect.

“We will continue to support schools where disagreements persist because diversity and equality are a matter of fact and a matter of law and learning about equality and diversity is not optional."