'He makes me happy, pure and simple': Couple recall how they met on a Reddit thread

The two men have been together happily now for six months


A couple have recalled how their relationship started with a Reddit thread.

The ‘gaybros’ Reddit thread is a weekly thread which allows people to post some basic information including a photo and social media links.

But when Nate posted about his week in Tenerife he caught the eye of 27-year-old Phil from London and he started following him on Instagram straight away.

Phil told Gay Star News: “I remember clicking through to your Insta and being taken by how handsome you were.

“You had me hooked and double-clicking pics left, right and centre. I couldn’t believe my luck you were in London.”

After spending nearly a week stalking each other’s Instagram accounts, Nate made the first move after he commented on one of Phil’s stories about porridge.

But trying to meet up for the first time was a struggle as Nate was heading home for a week and then Phil was going to Miami for 10 days. However, they managed to squeeze in a date.

Nate said: “We had our first date between holidays as soon as I got back. But we had a very lovely first date at a great pub in London by the Thames.

“We spent a good five hours together, although remained quite virginal – not even a goodnight kiss!

“[When I was away] we ended up texting literally every single day – a streak we still haven’t broken, six months later.

“[On the third date] I invited him over and cooked for him. My cooking was obviously so great I couldn’t get rid of him since.”

Nate went on to say that Phil was the exact person he was looking for and said Phil makes him “happy, pure and simple”.

“I wanted someone sort of kooky and full of wonder and up for anything. I cannot tell you how many times Phil’s made me laugh out loud in real life.

“And I’m not the sort of person to laugh out loud at a text. He makes me happy, pure and simple”.