Happy birthday Manila Luzon! The Drag Race star's most sickening moments

Season three runner up Manila Luzon turns 35 today! Though she lost out to Raja in her season of Drag Race, the Minnesotan queen stole the hearts of fans worldwide, and became a runaway star in her own right. Weird, wacky and camper than Christmas, Manila is the offbeat queen of our dreams. To celebrate, here are just a few of her best moments from throughout the years. When she became the world's most glamorous pineapple: tumblr_ljpn39AHKl1qhxckbo1_400 When she wore the pineapple dress again to the season 8 finale and thought we wouldn't remember, but we didn't care because she looked adorable: tumblr_o6zt5wAplz1seynmwo1_500 When she refused to be confused with her fellow Asian Drag Race contestants in an interview:
"I’m 6-feet tall and Ongina is literally the size of a frickin’ Barbie doll and she doesn’t have hair. And nobody would confuse me with Jujubee because I had her killed."
This face: tumblr_mh02zeWeYZ1s2nm2lo1_500 When she let Shangela have it: giphy When she helped us survive a zombie apocalypse: When she attended the season 7 finale in Woolly Mammoth couture. That's right. Woolly. Mammoth. Couture. manila-luzon When she lip-synced for her life, my life, your life, and the lives of those yet to be born: tumblr_inline_nkrkcoLAxq1t7kagt And taught us it was okay to let your mascara run down your face because emotions don't scare her: manila When she teamed up with Latrice Royale to save pop music: When she got satirical: giphy (1) And, of course, when she ushered in a new era of Cruella de Vil eleganza: manila-luzon-cruella Happy birthday, queen! More stories: The 19 Hottest Daddies in the World BBC commentator slammed for homophobic comment during Olympic kiss cam