Happy birthday Jane Lynch! Sue Sylvester's most memorable sass

No one could forget Glee's Sue Sylvester. Her reign of terror as William McKinley High's tyrannical cheer-leading coach was one of the programme's undeniable highlights throughout its six season run. In honour of actress Jane Lynch's 56th birthday this week (July 14), we though we'd revisit some of her most memorable moments. Sit down strap yourselves in, and prepare for a tongue-lashing of epic proportions... giphy-5 tumblr_lpwbmrwswp1qk125fo1_500 giphy-6 tumblr_lwruqzMB481r91127o1_500 large anigif_enhanced-buzz-3945-1426962994-22 cbd9aa2ea0dbcbf935ba02ce25d98b81a2462ab81554c41718d7b8cfab9fda8a sue-sylvester funny-glee-kurt-hummel-quote-Favim.com-1045057 548Heen cb69316b-d1b7-44ec-a9f6-855389c07783 giphy-3 Here's to you, Sue. Power-of-Madonna-Vogue-sue-sylvester-12612197-400-215 Words: Darren Mew More stories: What have we learnt form Orlando? Attitude pays tribute in new August issue ‘Coming out to my wife was hard, but coming out to my family was another level entirely’