Happy birthday Dermot O'Leary! The X Factor host's hottest ever moments


Everybody's favourite TV presenter to look at, Dermot O'Leary, turns 44 today (May 24). To celebrate his birthday we've rounded up photos that justify our love for the O'Leary...

tumblr_mbj2ywiqpj1rn1yn3o2_500 DERMOT-452487 DERMOT-452488 ALKT5HB tumblr_np5y65AiSv1sec196o6_500 1367700_o 13293002_10153527574975308_1560952651_n 13278087_10153527574960308_1506822362_n 13288846_10153527574865308_1793159049_n tumblr_np5y65AiSv1sec196o2_1280 tumblr_nmo0jhBb791tjxeajo2_1280 Bd2xNBQIgAABK7u cDC2bP2 7tNpTTr pic1_dermot_o_leary_shirtless_002 dermotOleary03de20 tumblr_mu9bqiUCxD1suedjlo2_500 Happy birthday Dermot, we salute you! landscape-uktv-x-factor-dermot-oleary-2007-02 More stories: Gay men's choir taunted by fans after female voice played over them at baseball game Idina Menzel reacts to campaign to give Elsa a girlfriend in Frozen