Happy birthday Brenton Thwaites! The Pirates of the Caribbean star's hottest ever moments

The Aussie actor celebrates his 29th birthday today (August 10).


Pirates of the Caribbean might be on its fifth big screen outing, but the fantasy franchise is still giving us plenty of swashbuckling studs to enjoy almost 15 years since its debut.

One of those is none other than former Home and Away star Brenton Thwaites, who plays Henry Turner - son of Orlando Bloom's heroic pirate Will Turner - in this summer's latest instalment Dead Men Tell No Tales.

Previously seen in Gods of Egypt and opposite Angelina Jolie in Maleficent as the sexy Prince Phillip, the rugged Aussie actor won legions of new fans back in 2014 when he was asked by an about the qualities he looked for in a partner. “Male or female?” Brenton asked at the time.

When the interviewer replied “Both,” Thwaites added, “Well, they’re very different.”

As Brenton celebrates his 29th birthday today (August 10), here are some of his best moments, both on and off screen...

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