Happy birthday Alexander Skarsgård! His hottest-ever moments

True Blood totty and soon-to-be Tarzan star Alexander Skarsgård turns 39 today (August 25), so in celebration of the life and times of Sweden's hottest export since saunas, we're taking a looking some of his most drool-inducing moments. Obviously, True Blood's fang-filled fornicating has given us plenty of material to, erm, work with, so sit back and enjoy... ajkleincover 550w_gs_alexander_skarsgard_2 alexander-skarsgard1-1024x569 alex tumblr_mrref3rlio1r61fmgo1_250 tumblr_mxjrwk93Rj1sjat1po1_500 alex_skarsgard_true_blood true-blood5x01-35-1024x569 34xqbx2u4tztqp245n1mdzsz2551510262011374-1024x576 rolling rs_600x600-140108045142-600-1-trueblood-jc-114-AlexanderSkarsgard 061f2-18a 1040323_c66a7a20-e852-4313-ae1f-79d90016a40c-8-new alexander skarsgard nude hundtricket shower gif11 gif12 gif123 gif 1 world-without-vampires-true-blood-1 Many happy returns, Mr Skarsgård. More True Blood on ‘True Blood: The Musical’ is now in the works ‘True Blood’ actor denies quitting show over gay storyline