Gun control legislation is still being blocked in Florida despite Orlando shooting

Gun control legislation is still being blocked in Florida. A year after 49 innocent LGBT people were gunned down in Pulse Nightclub, Democrats in Florida have revealed that every single attempt to tighten gun control laws has been blocked. “These types of weapons are the gold standard of mass murders,” said State Representative Carlos Guillermo-Smith, who sponsored an assault weapons ban last year that failed to make it into law due to Republican interests. "Folks who have a really troubling history of hatred and bigotry and homophobia have been able to carry out their attacks successfully on the groups and the communities they most hate”. To make matters worse, it's become so bad that zero gun control bills have even managed to be heard in either chamber in Tallahassee, despite impassioned cries from State Senator Linda Stewart. She told The Independant that when she tried to persuade her colleagues to at least have a discussion about one of her bills, her calls to action fell on deaf ears. However, the Senator said that at least one positive has come out of the horrific atrocity. She went on to reveal that the attack in Orlando has thankfully made it harder for the NRA (The National Rifle Association of America) to lobby for less gun control. "It’s been a win. They (the NRA) didn’t get anything they wanted in this last legislature, which is kind of a sea change. I know that Pulse was a reason why the gun lobby was denied everything on their wishlist," he added.