Grace Jones to star in 'loudest silent movie on Earth'

The ever-enigmatic Grace Jones is set to star in a silent film alongside Iggy Pop and Henry Rollins that is being billed as the 'loudest silent movie on Earth'. Grace Jones Gutterdammerung Directed by Bjorn Tagemose, Gutterdämmerung promises to be a "loud and dark fairytale" set in an alternate univerise where God has cleansed the world of sin by removing the Devil's Evil Guitar from mankind. With the guitar's departure, so too departs any sex, drugs and rock and roll (basically all manner of fun). Never fear, though, as hope arrives in the (un)likely form of Iggy Pop as angel Vicious who secretly sends the guitar back to earth and in doing so unleashes sin back on mankind. Henry Rollins plays a puritan priest who coerces a girl to destroy this guitar, but not before she has to face a string of rock n' roll's most evil bastards. Grace Jones plays an African Goddess from Hell and the only person capable of controlling all the testosterone of the rock n' rollers. The film has no set release date just yet but we're told it's "coming to a Hell near you soon," if that's anything to go by. Iggy Pop Gutterdammerung If the plot synopsis reveals anything it's that this is surely going to be the most insane and brilliantly twisted piece of cinema you'll see this year - or any year for that matter! Although we'd expect no less from a film starring Grace Jones, who stole the show as May Day in her deliciously camp James Bond outing in A View To a Kill back in 1985. We're calling it now: Gutterdämmerung will dominate the 2016 Oscars (maybe). Check out its launch video to see for yourself: