Grace Jones on meeting Lady Gaga: 'I didn't feel a soul'

After using her newly-published autobiography I'll Never Write My Memoirs to denounce pretty much every female pop star going as an imitation of herself, Grace Jones has now suggested that Lady Gaga has no soul. Speaking to Bevy Smith on SiriusXM's Bevelations while promoting the book, the legendary Jamaican star admitted that she's failed to connect with the Applause singer despite meeting her several times, and also seemingly accused her of stealing her recent looks. grace jones "Gaga came to me, and I just could not find a soul," the 67-year-old said. "I come from church - maybe that has something to do with it. I like to get to the soul of a person. I just didn't feel a soul." Jones added that while Gaga may indeed have a soul, her nerves during the meeting may have simply 'hidden' it, explaining: "Not that [her soul is] not there. She might have been freaked out with meeting me and hid it. This happened. "It's okay, but then we met three times after through [artist, Philip] Treacy, and boy, I got so angry." Jones claims that Treacy - who famously created Gaga's iconic telephone headpiece - once designed a look for her own tour which Gaga was later seen wearing. "I know Philip needed to make some money, but you know what, can you just wait until I finish my tour before you repeat what we are working on?" she said. Grace's autobiography is out now, and we recently rounded up the 10 most amazing things we learnt from the memoir (from an incredibly extensive list of potential anecdotes, it must be said) - click here to check it out. More stories: Happy birthday Grace Jones! Her 10 most incredible moments Perez Hilton hits back after being branded a 'pervert' for showering with son