Gottmik shares his advice for being a better trans ally

The Drag Race trailblazer opens up on the set of his cover shoot for the Attitude April Style issue.


As the first transgender man to compete on RuPaul's Drag Race, Gottmik - aka Kade Gottlieb - has become a figurehead for his community almost overnight. 

Now, the 24-year-old drag performer and make-up artist (who uses he/him pronouns when out of drag and she/her pronouns when in drag), is sharing his advice for those who want to be a better ally to the transgender community or trans people in their life.

"I've learned so much about the power of embracing your identity", says Gottmik in an exclusive behind the scenes video from his cover shoot for the Attitude April issue - out now to download and to order globally.

"I remember before I truly was comfortable in the skin I'm in and before I truly came out and told the world who I was - even though I thought I was living my life, I was not.


Gottmik aka Kade Gottlieb makes his Attitude cover debut in the April Style issue, out now to download and to order globally

"The second I embraced who I was fully and showed the world who I was fully and started living unapologetically, it changed my life and allowed me to open up in ways that I didn't even understand at the time."

Gottmik, who grew up in a conservative Christian household in Arizona before moving to Los Angeles and coming to terms with his gender identity, goes on the explain that better supporting trans people starts with the simplest of actions: listening.

"For any cis person who's trying to be more supportive of the trans community or a trans person in their life who's transitioning, my best advice is to listen", the Drag Race season 13 star says.

"Make sure you have an open mind and that you're listening to what your trans friend or the trans community is saying triggers them, or what they need help with.

"Just be there in any way you can, whether it's emotionally, physically, financially, no matter what it is. You know, such little things: it doesn't have to be major surgeries, like, an outfit or a binder - or a little jaw filler, for me! - just little things like that have changed my entire life.

"Just be open-minded and listen, and be as supportive as you can."

See Gottmik's full shoot and interview in the Attitude April Style issue, out now to download and to order globally.

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