Gorgeous Garçon Model fans show off their underwear - PICS

It's Friday. It's almost home time. Whether you're staving off a hangover from last night's drinks or just counting down the minutes 'til sweet, sweet freedom, the final hour of the final day of the week can always feel like a bit of a chore. What you need is a distraction. And what better way to power through some of those final minutes is there than by perusing a selection of handsome men in their Garçon Model underwear? Go on, treat yourself. It's not like you were doing any work anyway. FullSizeRender



IMG_8460 Gary Winfield by Ted Sun ( Processed with VSCO with tk preset IMG_8553 IMG_8551 IMG_8561 Processed with VSCO with tk preset See? Wasn't that fun! For more visit More stories: Pokémon Go gets its own X-rated gay porn parody Tulisa talks new music, moving forward, and why G-A-Y feels like home