GMB staff 'expressed discomfort' around debates on trans issues

"A number of production staff have privately expressed their personal support for trans lives," it has been claimed.


Words: Jamie Tabberer; picture: ITV

Good Morning Britain staff are reportedly "uncomfortable" about some of the debates they had to produce before Piers Morgan's explosive exit from the show this week.

According to a source, producers have also "privately expressed" their support for trans rights to potential trans activist guests.

GMB made headlines this week when Morgan stepped down over controversial comments made about Meghan Markle's mental health.

"A number of production staff have privately expressed their personal support for trans lives"

A spokesperson for trans youth organisation Mermaids yesterday told Metro: "Mermaids is open to appearing on Good Morning Britain but it is often impossible to do so because of the nature and tone of the items being presented.

"A number of production staff have privately expressed their personal support for trans lives and their discomfort around some of the ‘debates’ they are asked to produce."

The source added: "As is the case on many platforms, the programme demands opposition and so-called ‘balance’, giving voice to people who refuse to accept the very existence of transgender lives.

"It would be potentially harmful for our staff and service users to take part in live discussions when their very identities are openly mocked by presenters in the name of entertainment.

"Piers Morgan’s infamous declaration that he was intending to identify as a penguin presents itself as an unedifying low point for a show that purports to be a current affairs programme."

On Tuesday's episode of the show, Piers provoked widespread condemnation when he said of Meghan's claims that she was suicidal while a working member of the Royal Family, but received no help from 'The Firm' when requested: “I don't believe a word she says."

has broadcast debates on subjects such as straight actors playing gay, pronouns and children's gender identity in recent years.

When contacted by Attitude for comment, a GMB spokesperson said: "Good Morning Britain fully supports and regularly discusses issues affecting the transgender community. We have welcomed many high-profile, wide-ranging voices from across this community to be part of these discussions. Our debates are lively and showcase a range of opinions, but we always work hard to ensure they are balanced, fair and represent conversations happening across the nation."

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