Glow Up judge Dominic Skinner wants a Drag Race crossover episode

The star of BBC Three's hit make-up competition says he's "waiting for the call" as he reacts to past contestants' looks with Attitude.


Words: Will Stroude / Videography: Markus Bidaux

Glow Up: Britain's Next Make-Up Star judge Dominic Skinner says he "waiting for the call" for a crossover episode with RuPaul's Drag Race - and Ru, if you're reading this, we need it to happen.

Dominic, who has served as a judge on hit BBC Three series alongside Val Garland since 2019, reflects on the show's Drag Race ties as he reacts to past contestants' make-up looks in a new video with Attitude.

Glow Up, which sees aspiring make-up artists challenged to create eye-catching looks in an attempt to win the crown and is currently airing its third series on BBC Three, has previously seen Drag Race stars Kim Chi and Michelle Visage appear as guest judges.

A look from series two's drag makeover challenge also turned into an unforgettable internet meme after Drag Race legends Trixie and Katya ended up in fits of giggles over a questionable attempt to recreate a runway-ready drag face.

Yes, you know the one.

Reflecting on Glow Up's Drag Race ties as he speaks to Attitude, Dominic says: "I was excited for the show, but when they said they had Kim Chi, that's when I got really excited.

"This is like 'I don't care if it gets slated, I don't care if the show gets dropped, I don't care if no one watches - I got to meet Kim Chi, I'm happy."

Reacting to *that* infamous drag make-up meme, the make-up artist declares: "Oh my God, the infamous drag look! So, Nikki did this look, and when she was doing it we were a little concerned, and especially the blue lip - why Nikki decided to have the blue lip start from the nostrils, it just looked snotty!


"There's a lot I can say that's wrong with it, however, it got the attention of Trixie and Katya and it has become a meme - and once you've become a meme, is there anything better?"

Dominic is also full of a praise for Drag Race judge Michelle Visage, whose surprise appearance on series two (in an episode that also featured an Attitude cover shoot challenge) was kept tightly under wraps during filming.

"We had to keep it secret, no one was allowed to know", recalls Dominic. "She's professional, I don't know what time in the morning she was getting ready, but she was fully done [up]. Hair, make-up, perfect.

"She's professional, she gets the job done, it was amazing. But we kept it quiet, we kept it all secret, hid her in the back, and then when she came out, I mean the artists, you can see their reaction. They absolutely died.

"But inside I was like 'Oh my God, this is amazing!' And of course, I got as many selfies as I could. And she was up for all of them!"

In a call we hope the TV gods will soon answer, Dominic adds: "I'm waiting for the call for the RuPaul's Drag Race / GlowUp mix-up. There's gotta be a crossover episode!"

New episodes of Glow Up air weekly on BBC Three via BBC iPlayer.