'Glee' star: 'The show had started to decline'

Matthew Morrison has suggested that Glee had begun to "decline" in quality. Morrison played Will Schuester on the smash hit FOX musical series, which came to an end last Friday (March 20) with a 2-hour long finale following a dramatic drop in the show's viewership since it began in 2009. In a new interview, the actor tells Vulture that he believes that the show's downfall was the introduction of an array of new characters and storylines that "didn't click" with viewers, who slowly began to switch off. matthew morrison shirtless glee "Glee had its heyday, and then it kind of just slowly started declining," said Morrison. "There were just so many characters. There are a lot of people and a lot of storylines. It's one of the biggest casts on television. "They have the New Directions, the original New Directions, and then you have the new New Directions. The new ones didn't really click with people, so they had to start bringing back in the old people." Morrison went on to talk about the impact the show had on popular culture, saying:  "The more I look back on the show, I think of it fondly, and I think about all the amazing changes it did for our world." "I look at arts programmes now, and I feel like theatre is where the cool kids are, and it's kind of changed. Theatre is now accepted more than it used to be," he added. More Stories: Henry Cavill says that his post-Superman thighs can do some damage ‘RuPaul’s Drag Race’ returning for eighth season