Get 20% off CDLP's stylish and environmentally sustainable underwear

PROMOTIONAL CDLP makes sartorially stylish and environmentally sustainable underwear, without billboard sized logos. Premium fabrics, functional tailoring and discreet detailing are in the design DNA of this lifestyle label whose products are manufactured in Portugal and sold in distinguished boutiques like Maxfield and, and hotels like Soho Farmhouse and Soho Haus Berlin. Compared to many of the larger brands, CDLP, produces their underwear in high quality lyocell in a third generation factory in Portugal, with an unmistakable commitment to craftsmanship and sustainability. Working with the finest fabrics on earth, their garments reach an utmost level of tailored comfort, without big logos or funky patterns. Their signature boxer trunk is made from the innovative fabric lyocell – ecological wood pulp refined into a pinnacle of softness and durability – combining comfort, a modern slim silhouette and a signature waistband. All products come in CDLP’s eye-catchingly beautiful yellow box, that has been seen increasingly frequently on Instagram. The visual narrative if CDLP revolves around men with timeless panache and joie de vivre, captured through the lens of our co-founder, film director Christian Larson. CDLP offers Attitude readers 20% of their first purchase – use the the code ATTITUDE at check out at