German paper appears to question Cristiano Ronaldo's sexuality for having men on his yacht

German newspaper BILD has hit the headlines after seemingly questioning  Cristiano Ronaldo's sexuality. This comes after the Portuguese footballer, who has been taking a break in Ibiza before starting the 2016 European Championship, published some photos of himself on holiday. The photos show Ronaldo relaxing on a yacht with friends.

Dream team!!☀️

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But 90min reports that the German newspaper decided to draw attention to the fact that all the footballer's guests were muscled men. The newspaper said: "On the boat there is absolute woman doldrums - rather, the boys sizzle among themselves." And a caption under a photo read: "Women? Wrong! Captain Ronaldo and his guys are self-sufficient." 2,w=559,c=0.bild This isn't the first time Ronaldo, who has a 5-year-old son, has seen his sexuality questioned. Last December, French sports presenter Daniel Riolo courted controversy after implying that Ronaldo’s relationship with boxer Badr Hari was more than just friendship. And it seems the continued digs are having en affect on the pitch too: Back in April, a Spanish LGBT rights group made a formal complaint to Spain’s State Commission against Violence in Sport.after Ronaldo was subjected to repeated homophobic slurs from the crowd during a match. More stories: Male migrants and asylum seekers in Greece are turning to sex work in order to survive How often do most gay men watch porn – and for how long?