George Shelley: 'I would never come out as gay'

Earlier this year, former Union J singer George Shelley opened up about his sexuality, revealing his attraction to both men and women. However, the radio presenter refused to label himself, describing terms like gay or bisexual "a bit old-fashioned". When probed on his identity in an interview with The Sun22-year-old George reaffirmed his decision, saying "he wouldn't put a label on" his sexual identity. "I would never come out as gay", he said. "I wouldn't put a label on it because I do like girls, I've fallen in love with girls and I could never close that off". However, the former Union J singer did mention that he was "getting to the stage of wanting a relationship", adding that there's "a girl back home" he has his eye on - and has even written a few songs about. Looking back at his decision to come out publicly, Shelley also revealed that he received support from a certain Olympic diver. "Tom Daley messaged me [after coming out] and said he was really proud of me". While George might have his sights set on romance, he's not averse to a celebrity crush or two it seems - both Calvin Harris and Fifth Harmony's Camilla Cabello have caught his eye:

"Camilla Cabello from Fifth Harmony is gorgeous. Calvin Harris looks pretty good, too. His body is amazing".

Oh so you've seen those Speedo pics as well then George? A man of excellent tastes, it seems.

There is still widespread ignorance shown towards people who don't fit into the categories of "gay" and "straight". This weekend, gay Celebrity Big Brother star Christopher Biggins was ejected from the Big Brother house after a string of offensive comments, which included some pretty nasty biphobia.

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