Geordie Shore star gets totally naked for Kim Kardashian selfie tribute

Geordie Shore's Nathan Henry has stripped of for a risqué photo which pays tribute to Kim Kardashian's naked selfie. Nathan, who came out as gay last year, shared the photo to his 500,000 followers, in what was clearly an imitation of the controversial selfie taken by the queen of reality TV. He wrote beside it, "couldn't resist I love a naked remake."

"When you're like I have nothing to wear LOL" - @kimkardashian couldn't resist I love a naked remake #nakeynath

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Kim's selfie hasn't been well received by everyone. She received heavy criticism online, namely from Bette Midler, who said if she wanted to show a part of her body we hadn't seen before, "she's gonna have to swallow the camera." Kim responded with a bolshy reply in which she claimed Bette had once tried to befriend her. Speaking to Attitude last year, Nathan talked about coming out as gay on national TV, and how he has learned to get over any embarrassment about showing it all off on screen. "You just forget the cameras are there", he laughed. "You really do just end up having a laugh with your housemates, and if you do end up bringing someone back to the house, or get with people or whatever, it’s not until the camera crew come up later and say ‘we need to discuss what happened last night’ that you think ‘SHIT! They were filming it!’" If Nathan floats your boat, there's plenty more where this selfie came from on his no holds barred Instagram page.
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